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Less wah and more bleh.


released November 10, 2015

Recording/Mixing: Liam Kriz
Mastering: Brad @ Audiosiege



all rights reserved


KNIGHTS Coolangatta, Australia

Formed in 2010 Knights Like These from Coolangatta (Gold Coast) Australia strive to be evermore honest and to the point with every release. With integrity and and self growth being their main motivators, it has set them on a path of perpetual enrichment from their craft. Their only goal is for you to share it with them. ... more

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disdain and deceit are all i fucking feel when our paths meet.
like a jagged knife ripping through the gut.
you wonder why i got issues with trust and keep my mouth shut.
build me as a castle by the sea, and watch as the waves corrode the foundation beneath.
all of this was nothing but a lie, still i held onto it with a sense of foolish pride.
i'll tell you straight there's one thing you wont see.
is me raising my arms up in defeat.
i got a lot to say, i got lots left to see. i got so much hate inside.
get the fuck away from me.
fool me once, thats shame on you.
you chewed me up and spat me out when you were through.
fool me twice now this one's on me.
a stupid motherfucker, set myself up for defeat.
now get it right, there wont be a third time,
i ripped every memory of you out of my mind.
crushed it up and left it to rust.
lashes to ashes. lust to dust.
my blood boils whenever your name somebody speaks.
forever being asked what the fuck is happening.
all the questions have left me reeling in defeat,
just a soul-less chunk of blood, bones and meat.
given some time ill think this all through
and realise the last thing i need is to be near you.
you can keep your shroud of self deceit.
to me youre just a forgotten soul living on your knees.
low and behold im walking down the street,
i come face to face with the last person i wanna see.
you look me up and down and ask how do i do?
im cold as ice bitch. do i fucking know you?
Track Name: LIFE QUIET
Silence has always been my one true shortfall,
biting tongues, repressing words too anxious to show.
searching for a way to get this off my chest
striving to find a way to express.
my train of thought, I cant control.
momentum moving slow and ive lost control.
im headed for disaster so sit back and enjoy the show.
observe how much i can fuck up on my own.
i said id never go through this again.
an endless cycle i am trapped in.
a sucker for punishment, that much i know.
holding onto whats not there, terrified of the unknown.
stomach tied in knots, i feel the chill as you let go.
stutter on my words that i desperately want you to hold.
so once again i question how i got here
and all i can remember are moments of regret.
a life quiet, lists of things i wish i did.
it all boils down to this.
tormented, trapped in my own head.
im no stranger to failure, knocked down more times than i remember.
never throw in the towel, get back in the ring.
final round wait for the ding. this is it.
an open mind with clenched fists, no direction exists.
ill find purpose in this, find a meaning to exist.
Track Name: CHOKE
What's that? oh shit I'm about to snap.
sick of all you motherfuckers holdin me back.
i think its about time. drag the line. reclaim what is mine.
two times the lesson i learnt.
don't get close unless you're out to get burnt.
i chose to go it the hard way,
make the lesson stick for another day.
life spent in the grips of a choke hold.
never letting up, never letting go.
feel the hands wrapped around my throat,
squeeze a little tighter. help my blood run cold.
this struggle is all that i hold, nothing in this life comes easy.
that much i know.
my mind packed full of questions.
your answers. i fuckin hate them.
they say that ignorance is bliss. to me, more like hell's deepest pit.
for once just give me some truth,
leave me with a couple more screws in my head loose.
out of options, nothing left to choose.
sick of playing games, its your turn to lose.
chains and anchors wrapped around my soul,
forever being dragged into the unknown.
my soul's gone putrid and cold,
devoured by mould all coz i cant let go.
i cant take it, this fucking train wreck,
that symbolises everything we fucking had.
forever swirling around this messed up head.
ive been trying. i cant erase it.
hang in there? thats fucking rich from you.
you arent the one strung up by this fucking noose.
you always seem to get the best of me.
i'd probably smile and thank you as my life slips away.
Track Name: ADRIFT
How wrong I was to feel content, not knowing what was lying ahead.
The end of things as I knew them.
Myself to blame for what I've landed in, no sense in passing the shame.
Time to face the consequence.
I've seen it all a thousand times before, my fatal flaw, I never fucking learn.
Every time I die a bit more, getting to the point where I can't feel anymore.
Filling pages with stories from hell, everything I hate I brought upon myself.
I'd like to say this was the last time, but I guess only time will tell.
Cast aside, set adrift. I'm in deep water and I can't fucking swim.
So pull me up and pull me in. The currents heading in the wrong direction,
sharks sense the fear and now they're circling. So pull me up and pull me in.
It's hard to stand on two feet with no solid ground underneath.
It's hard to find the words to say when you're in cold water amongst the waves.
It's hard to find the time to think when your heart is racing and you struggle to breath.
It's hard to act any other way when all you know in life is pain.
The ships have sunk and I'm still here.
In deep water, I am struggling.
Come back up, take another deep breath.
Not ready to go down just yet.
It's been so long since I've seen the sight of shore,
let alone the faces of people I adore.
Cast aside, set adrift. In deep water. I can't fucking swim. Won't you pull me up. Pull me in.
Track Name: AWAY
ahhhh fuck this, away with you.
i cant stand the fucked up things that you do.
disappear, never to be seen again.
this is a realisation of my wildest dreams.
put it all on the back burner,
you think i give a shit? HA! oh youre wrong girl.
this time vengeance is mine.
gonna take it slow, make the most of my time.
been pushed around my whole life.
im fucking sick of it. no more mr nice guy.
to tell the truth, all i want to see and hear,
are your screams and your eyes fill with fear. ughh.
your bullshit, i see right through.
what you say is opposite to what you do.
i was fucking stupid, cant believe i fell for you.
wasted my time. away with you.
no recovery, no chance to start again.
i just wish you never existed.
pull me down to your level? nah fuck that.
i got my morals, i aint no dirty street rat.
you keep pushin hoping that i bite back
what do you take me for? im above that.
all the things i said i wish i could retract.
you dont deserve the best of me, im sure of that.
whats done is done there aint no changing that.
so get the fuck away and dont ever come back.
Track Name: MARY MONEY
one slip and im losing control again.
it all melds into one, same same but different.
the addiction has its claws in my skin.
tied a noose around my neck and is reeling me in.
it keeps reeling me in.
it all seems a little ironic,
the situation has my head in a spin.
being dragged down the path,
to where i swore i'd never be again.
I am one with the depths of my sin.
my whole life is a fucking gamble,
no matter which way i choose.
I always lose.
snake eyes staring back at me,
black holes that my dreams cant escape.
so easy to get trapped in,
gotta brush it off before it gets under my skin.
break the shackles and chains,
that leave my lying here, motionless in shame.
no matter the vice, its all the fucking same.
we've all got our demons in life that we have to tame.
the question is, can you face the hard truth?
or will this addiction get the best of you?
cursed is life. out of step, out of time.
cant catch a fucking break no matter how hard we try.
each second crushing dreams, confronted by painful memories.
chest constricts, cant breathe. stuck in the past, no future i see.
ever felt like you've been trapped? life spent under constant attack.
giving blood and sweat for scraps, to help a vile empire of rats.
it don't sit right with me. life led by treachery.
no one fucking listens, my words a lost in the breeze.
scorched earth splits and cracks underneath.
the hounds of hell are snapping at my fucking feet.
every night when i lay down to sleep, i embrace nothing but hatred and misery.
i was nothing but a fool to think that things would change.
cursed is life, cant catch a break no matter what we try.
life led by despicable greed.
raised by wolves and forced into this machine.
a drawn out suicide pact, life has become nothing more than that.
locked up, straight jacket strapped. consequence of trying to fight back.
Cut open my chest, gaze deep into emptiness.
Years of ripping away at myself have left me caving into nothingness.
Father time's hands fly by, a restless night meets another damn sunrise.
Long lost soul embracing nothing but the winter cold.
It's a slow demise, watching the glimmer fade from ones eyes.
No destination, walk alone down a one way road.
Try to ignore the voices in my head but the harder I try, the louder they get.
"Your whole life doesn't amount to shit. So why the fuck don't you just go through with it. Just hang the rope and tie a little knot.
A short drop with a sudden fucking stop. Why face the pain pain of another day when it's so easy to make it fade away? What have you got to lose? There's nothing here for you. You're living proof that for some people, life just don't suit."
What I would give to have peace for just one day,
Rip up these thoughts and just throw them away.
I wish it was so easy, but this curse will always be a part of me.
Rising up from the bottom again,
The darkness crawls back sinking teeth into my brain.
"Hello my old friend. I think it's about time we talk about your end.."
Track Name: OLD LADY
when i was young my mother said; my son, you dont have to prove a fucking thing to anyone.
just move forward with what you feel is right in your heart.
this world is full of jackals that wish to rip you apart.
dont give an inch. they sit in hiding, waiting for the slightest slip.
my son dont flinch. you'll leave an opening for them to sink their teeth in.
get back up if you're knocked down. stand strong. hold your ground.
some situations you just cant win. defeat only comes when you throw the towel in.
every day harbours a new test. you have to hold the strength to rise above the rest.
for every drop of blood spilled, we are blessed. there is no shame confronting a certain death.
a testament to the days of old. an age where strength was gauged by the pain you can hold.
the world has gone soft at the knees. afraid to face the darker side that lies within.
one lesson my mother said i'd better get right. only cowards are afraid to die.
give everything, protect what is yours. send your enemies to knock on deaths door.
as a kid i didnt understand it. teachings of a harsh world coming from a parent.
later on i began to see the crucial importance of the lessons she was teaching.
ive said it before and ill say it again. ill take her wisdom all the way to my death bed.
a single mother shaped the man i would be, not afraid to fall. not afraid to bleed.
get back up if you're knocked down. stand strong, hold your ground.