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when i was young my mother said; my son, you dont have to prove a fucking thing to anyone.
just move forward with what you feel is right in your heart.
this world is full of jackals that wish to rip you apart.
dont give an inch. they sit in hiding, waiting for the slightest slip.
my son dont flinch. you'll leave an opening for them to sink their teeth in.
get back up if you're knocked down. stand strong. hold your ground.
some situations you just cant win. defeat only comes when you throw the towel in.
every day harbours a new test. you have to hold the strength to rise above the rest.
for every drop of blood spilled, we are blessed. there is no shame confronting a certain death.
a testament to the days of old. an age where strength was gauged by the pain you can hold.
the world has gone soft at the knees. afraid to face the darker side that lies within.
one lesson my mother said i'd better get right. only cowards are afraid to die.
give everything, protect what is yours. send your enemies to knock on deaths door.
as a kid i didnt understand it. teachings of a harsh world coming from a parent.
later on i began to see the crucial importance of the lessons she was teaching.
ive said it before and ill say it again. ill take her wisdom all the way to my death bed.
a single mother shaped the man i would be, not afraid to fall. not afraid to bleed.
get back up if you're knocked down. stand strong, hold your ground.


from LUST TO DUST LP, released November 10, 2015



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KNIGHTS Coolangatta, Australia

Formed in 2010 Knights Like These from Coolangatta (Gold Coast) Australia strive to be evermore honest and to the point with every release. With integrity and and self growth being their main motivators, it has set them on a path of perpetual enrichment from their craft. Their only goal is for you to share it with them. ... more

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